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Custom Zebra Shades in Jacksonville, FL

Zebra shades are the modern window treatment alternative to horizontal blinds. They are a type of roller shade that can be adjusted for optimal privacy and light control. The 3” zebra stripes can be lined up over the 2” sheer fabric sections to allow sunlight in when you want. They are a great addition to any bedroom, living room, or dining room.

In the last few years, zebra roller shades have become very popular in homes. Their distinct striped look gives off a unique appearance. If you are looking for a sophisticated design in your window coverings, then zebra shades are a great option. In addition to their style, they provide many functional benefits as well. At Gala Designs, we offer various types and colors of zebra blinds in Jacksonville, FL to fit any taste.

White Zebra Shade

The Benefits of Having Zebra Blinds in Your Home

Below are a few reasons why you might want to choose zebra shades for your home.

Dual Purpose

Zebra shades are also called dual sheer shades because they consist of alternating layers of translucent sheer material and solid fabric.  When you open them, you rotate the fabric so that the alternating sections sit on top of each other.  The fabric is concealed by the cassette headrail when raised to give you a clear view through the sheer transparent section. When the shades are down, the material overlaps over the sheer sections to slightly block the light. The blinds diffuse the light evenly and create a private ambiance.

UV Protection

You can protect your floors and furniture from harmful UV rays when the light filtering zebra shades are closed. The layered shades block out 99% of UV rays.

Modern and Attractive Look

Zebra shades are a beautiful window treatment. The parallel layers of fabric alternating with sheer material give off a zebra-stripe appearance. It can fit well in modern homes as well as more traditional homes.

Room Darkening

When the blinds are closed, this creates a solid shade to provide privacy and darken the room. With a room darkening ability, these shades are great for keeping artificial light out at night and bright sunlight early in the morning.


Zebra shades can be customized with a continuous cord or a cordless lift. Cordless lift sheer zebra shades are super convenient and simple to use. You just use the bottom rail of the roller blinds to lower or raise the shades. You can adjust your view and level of privacy as you wish.

Tech Savvy

Zebra shades can even be set up in a smart home. You can motorize the movement of your shades through WiFi with your remote control. This connection allows you to operate your zebra blinds through a smartphone app individually. You can even automate zebra shades with a smart hub such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant.


Zebra shades snap tightly into place on mounting brackets in just minutes. We mechanically attach the shades to the tube, which creates a steady hold.


Lightweight shades mean shades that are easier to lift. You will get more use out of your shades since they won’t be a hassle to raise or lower.


You won’t have to clean your zebra roller shades often. They are made from anti-static fabrics which don’t collect dust.


Unlike regular roller shades, which only can be put up or down, with zebra shades, you can adjust the spacing between the bands of fabric to control light and privacy levels. That way, even if your shades are down, you still can make adjustments as you see fit.

The Components Of Zebra Shades

Zebra shades are made up of a headrail, bottom bar, cords (unless cordless), and end caps. They are extremely lightweight due to their metal parts being made of aluminum.

There are so many options when it comes to customizing your sheer zebra roller blinds. You can have the headrail made square, curved, or round. We can create a headrail valance for you with or without fabric, depending on the look you desire. The fabrics in zebra shades are all environmentally friendly and safe.

If you want to test out the look of zebra roller shades in your home, come by to get free samples of different looks. You can get swatches of different colors and patterns to see which ones you like best.

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