Window Shading Benefits: Why You Need Window Shading

Window shading is an excellent addition to any home that can accentuate your style. Good window shading is not only attractive but functional as well. There are several reasons to consider blinds and window coverings for your home today.

Here at Gala Designs, our team will discuss the benefits of window shadings.

Window Shading Benefits


Window shading allows you to block the view into your home, protecting your privacy and safety. To rest easy, close the shades and get some peace from the world.

At Gala Designs, we have several options that can help you control your privacy. You could buy generic curtains or window treatments from a department store, but why settle for mediocre window coverings?

Control Light

Another benefit of blind shadings is that you can control the amount of light going into your home. Shut the blinds on exceptionally bright days or open them to let in natural light. Room darkening custom window blinds allow you to control how much light comes through the windows.

Horizontal or vertical blinds/shutters give you options for controlling light levels.

UV Protection

Excessive UV ray exposure can cause your flooring varnish to fade and negatively affect paint colors on the wall. Window shades and shutters block out most UV rays, protecting your house, furniture, and walls. Treated window shades are resistant to UV fading and will protect the other parts of your home.

Energy Efficiency

Window shading can save you money on energy costs. A decent window shade blocks out the light and insulates your home, keeping the heat in during the winter and out during the summer. A good pair of window coverings can reduce heat gain by up to 65% on the west and south-facing windows.

Window Shading

Trusted Window Shadings Company Near Jacksonville, Florida

At Gala Designs, window shadings are our specialty. With over 1,000 projects completed, we have been faithfully serving the area of Jacksonville, Florida over 20 years. We use high-end products from the best brands, such as Hunter Douglas. When you choose us, expect great quality every time.

We strive to build close relationships with our clients. We want to help create a unique design for you and no one else. When you work with Gala Designs, we will keep you in the loop at every step of the process. Every Friday, we send weekly updates to our clients to ensure clear communication.

Window Shadings Company in St Augustine, Florida

When it comes to window shadings in St Augustine, let us be your first choice. Our wide range of window covering products include:


In addition to various shutter styles, we also offer several materials and color options. Fabrics such as linen, cotton, and hypoallergenic materials are commonplace. We can also create custom designs and textures for your home decor.

We have a stellar reputation in the community due to our high-quality craftsmanship, products, and dedication to our customers. Each project is custom-made to your wants and needs. We can also have your shades conform to safety measures, such as cordless blinds for child safety.

Get Professional Help from Window Shading Specialist

Window shading is an important choice for homeowners, so they must know and understand window shading benefits. At Gala Designs, we strive to make our clients’ dreams a reality. We can help bring your vision for your home to life.

If you would like to learn more about window shading options and benefits, contact Gala Designs online or call/text us at (805) 407-6569 today to schedule an appointment!