Window Shades: The Different Types & Features

Are you considering new window treatments for your home? Are you unsure of where to start knowing the multitude of options you have to choose from? With so many styles, colors, textures, and functions, you are not alone in the need to understand the different types of window shades. Read on to find out more about different types of shades and discover which style would best suit your home’s needs.

Different Types and Features of Window Treatments and Shades


Let’s get back to the basics before we dive too deep into the nuances of each type of shade. According to MasterClass, window treatments are simply a “covering that you can place around a window to create a desired aesthetic or functional effect. Window coverings come in styles…that can alter a room’s lighting, temperature, energy efficiency, and privacy.” They come in a variety of sizes and prices, as well.

Different Types of Window Shades

You now know that different types of shades can provide varying benefits to our space, depending on their design. Let’s explore some popular styles and what might make them the perfect addition to your home.

About Roller Shades

Roller shades are named perfectly after their design, as they feature a roll of fabric at the top of the window that unwinds and rewinds to cover and uncover the window. They offer a sleek, modern appearance that will look great in a variety of places. They are great for many reasons, including the following:


  • They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes due to the simple nature of the design.
  • Roller shades can be made with blackout material, providing your home with shelter from the strong Florida sun and saving you money on your energy bill.
  • Roller shades can also be made of flame retardant material for additional safety for your loved ones.
  • Roller shades create a classic, minimalistic look suitable for virtually any space.
  • They are extremely easy to clean.

About Roman Shades

Roman shades are another wonderful option that suits many design tastes. These coverings are created with pre-determined folds that gather when the curtain is lifted and loosen when the curtain is dropped. They are controlled by a cord, which the user pulls to raise. These shades come in a variety of types, including the standard flat fold, plain fold, soft fold, and European fold. Roman shades offer the following benefits:



  • Roman shades add a feel of luxury and elegance to space.
  • Roman shades are very easy for many people to use, including those with arthritis or other physical limitations.
  • These shades come in a variety of styles, including the type of folds, the color, the length, and different textures.
  • Roman shades are quite timeless; having originated in the Roman Empire, it’s safe to say these shades are here to stay.

About  Zebra Shades

Zebra shades are made from one piece of fabric and feature light-filtering stripes. They are a newer style and are also often referred to as “transitional shades.” As they are newer, they can offer your home state-of-the-art light-controlling technology. In addition, Zebra shades are also great for the below reasons:




  • Zebra shades come in a variety of fabrics that allow you to select a more light-filtering or a more room-darkening fabric, depending on the needs of your space.
  • These shades are made of durable fabric that will allow you to enjoy a timeless window feature for years to come.
  • Zebra shades also have the ability to be cordless or even synced with your smart home.
  • These modern fixtures are also very easy to clean, as we make them from anti-static fabrics that don’t get dusty.

About Exterior Shades

Perhaps the most practical of the above options, exterior (or patio) shades work to block heat from entering your home through your windows without ruining your view of the outdoors. These shades have a slightly more heavy-duty look to them, but it’s because they are working to save you money on your energy bills and protecting your family and your belongings from the harmful effects of the sun. Other benefits of installing exterior shades include:


  • Exterior shades can be motorized, meaning you won’t have to lay a finger on your shades to lift or lower them.
  • Exterior shades preserve your connection with the outdoors. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the beautiful Florida landscape without the sunburn and sweat?
  • Exterior sun shades are also extremely durable, as they are meant to last in more intense conditions than some of the other styles of shades.
  • Patio shades are also helpful in reducing the glare that you can sometimes get in spaces with many windows.

Let’s Get Started

Though there are many styles to choose from, each type has specific use cases and design styles that can likely help to narrow your decision. In addition, our team at Gala Designs is here to work with you to understand your design dreams for your home and make them a reality. If you are needing Jacksonville window treatments or design services, call us today to take the first step in getting the best custom window shades for you and your family.