The Most Popular Choice of a Window Treatment for a Modern Jacksonville, Florida Home

Window treatments are an essential part of any room, but they do more than just look pretty. A good window treatment will provide privacy, keep the room at the right temperature, prevent glare from the sun, and affect the style and mood of your room.

Window Treatments Jacksonville, Florida

Like any other home décor option, window treatments in Jacksonville, Florida are constantly changing to meet new interior design trends. Window coverings are more diverse than ever before, so you’re sure to find something that works great in your modern Jacksonville home.


Types of Window Treatments


Custom window draperies can add a feeling of class and luxury living rooms, bedrooms, and formal dining rooms. In most cases, you’ll use draperies to add a layer of texture and combine them with another custom window treatment for the best results.

Draperies also help protect window sides, which many other types of window treatment fail to address. If you’re annoyed by the tiny sliver of light at the edge of your window, a drapery can help negate that issue.

The best use for drapery is as a focal point, especially if you’re using shades or neutral shutters as your primary window treatment option. You can play around with color, texture, and patterns to find something that fits your room and adds an extra dimension of interest.

You can adapt your draperies to fit with any interior design trend and switch them out as often as you’d like.


Panel Track

One of the biggest new window treatments in Jacksonville, Florida is the panel track window treatment. Panel tracks are a great alternative to vertical blinds and can cover large swathes of space with ease. They’re also very easy to automate, giving you additional control over the light and temperature of your room.

Panel tracks are incredibly versatile, and you don’t have to limit yourself to using them as window coverings. They’re also excellent at protecting large French or sliding glass doors, or you can use them to provide definition and structure to a large room. Since panel tracks cover the entire window space, they’re very good at keeping rooms cool in summer by blocking unwanted sun rays.

If you’re looking for something stylish, minimalistic, and that will look great in a modern Jacksonville home, these may be the right option for you.


What makes shades so appealing as window treatments in Jacksonville, Florida homes is simplicity. Roller shades are especially popular since you can automate their operation, letting you control the room’s light and warmth with the push of a button.

Shades come in a wide range of materials, textures, and colors, giving you a broad palette to work with. Currently, shades made from natural woven fibers are popular, as they provide a warmer tone that complements modern interior designs. Neutral colors like soft blues and greens can add a dimension of interest while remaining clean and simple.

The main reason why Jacksonville residents choose shades is that they’re versatile enough to meet almost any need. If you want privacy without turning your room into a dark cave, you’ll love the top-up, bottom-down shade that gives you amazing privacy while still letting in plenty of light.


Instead of getting vertical blinds, why not consider shutters instead? Modern shutters are very simple to install and operate and come in a wide range of styles. The main drawback of wood shutters as window treatments in Jacksonville, Florida is that they don’t do very well in high-humidity, high-heat environments.

However, there are plenty of non-wood options for shutters that can give you the look you want. Faux wood shutters are moisture resistant, and you can customize them for insulation, light control, and privacy.

Shutters add an extra dimension of texture and style to any home, not only from the inside but from the outside as well. If you want to set your home apart from the rest, then shutters may be the perfect choice for you.



The main thing to remember when choosing window treatments in Jacksonville, Florida is to stick with what you like. Don’t follow trends because they look great on magazine covers – instead, consider your needs and start your search by considering functionality first. The main goal of any window treatment is to provide privacy, light control, and insulation while also matching the room’s style.

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