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Elegant Designs With Custom Roman Shades in Jacksonville, FL

There’s no better way to showcase the picturesque setting beyond the windowpane than a custom Roman shade. Jacksonville, FL, offers a wealth of natural beauty, and it deserves a place in your décor setting with a thoughtful frame. Custom Roman shades effectively highlight these views from home or commercial property, and they always look elegant.

Swag Roman Shade

At Gala Window Treatments, we work closely with textile designers across the country to offer unique, premium fabrics for our Roman Shades. Roman Shades can be fabricated from a variety of fabrics. To view these materials, please make an appointment to visit our showroom or contact us and we can send you images of the styles we offer.

What are Roman Window Shades?

Roman window shades fold and pleat neatly when in the open position and remain flat like ordinary curtains in the closed position. Unlike other window treatments, Roman shades do not show visible pleating when unfolded fully. Instead, they resemble a pretty screen that blends in with the furniture.

Whatever your light control preferences at your next social gathering, event, or quiet dinner at home, custom Roman shades are an attractive element in the interior design. Roman shades offer the convenience of folding blinds with the smooth appearance of hanging curtains, and there are myriad types available.

  • Waterfall shades are smooth, while other designs have depth and texture.
  • Batten Roman shades have horizontal bars sewn into the front or back of the shades to resemble a rougher texture.
  • Hobbled shades have soft folds that provide a graceful flowing look.
  • Plain-fold Roman shades are flat and well-suited to modern architecture and minimalism.


Many styles of Roman shade also offer designs or patterns that are carefully woven into the fabric itself. The folds and patterns add visual flair to the window treatment and catch the eye when guests enter the room. For a unique look, try convenient cordless Roman shades.

An Array of Custom Roman Shades from Gala Designs

The Gala Designs Interior Design & Window Shading team knows that every home is different. Color accents, ambient lighting, layout, and countless other factors contribute to the milieu. The catalog includes a wide variety of colors and fabric choices for its custom Roman shades to ensure the perfect combination of tone, texture, and thickness.

Window Treatments With Roman Shades

Roman shades accentuate curtains, valances, shutters, and other design elements. The fixtures can showcase patterns and designs to match other features of the décor perfectly. Fabric Romans are a cost-effective choice to match the upholstery or other elements with a consistent color palette and complementary textures.

Motorized control systems may increase the cost and complexity of a Roman shade, but the convenience and precision far outweigh any downside. Some models connect wirelessly to home devices or smartphones so that the user can control them with an app or voice control. The option would be ideal with limited mobility or controlling the shade while away from the room.

Light Control Options for Roman Shades

Shades need to be convenient and user-friendly, but an aesthetic appeal is just as important. Roman shades have many types of control, and the way you will use or display them affects the selection. As with most types, the main function is to raise and lower the shade smoothly, and the simplest way to control a Roman shade is with cords.

Manual cords are common for pulling to raise and lower the shade’s bottom edge. Some types also allow you to raise and lower the shade’s upper edge. For example, you may need privacy from onlookers below but still want the light to stream into the room.

A continuous cord loop option pulls on one side of the loop to lower the shade and the other side to lift it again. Cordless options allow adjustment of the height by gently pulling down on the bottom of the shade or a subtle string hanging from the lower edge. The lack of cords is safer for homes with small children or pets.

Unique Materials in Custom Roman Shades

Custom Roman shades are also available in a great variety of unique materials, including bamboo, silk, and wood. Homes that benefit from natural light entering from a downward angle will enjoy Roman shades lowered and raised from both the top and the bottom. The versatile option also allows for privacy at ground level while letting the natural ambient lighting in from the top of the window.

The choice of materials for fabric shades also influences the degree of light control. Light-filtering Roman shades adjust the color spectrum of ambient light, creating a warmer or cooler ambiance to enhance the tone of the room. Room-darkening shades are relatively thick and block most of the light for a more intimate interior ambiance.

If you need complete light control, blackout liners are thicker and effectively impervious to light. These larger shades overlap the window frame to prevent light from entering from the sides.

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If you aren’t sure whether custom Roman shades fit your home décor or remodeling plan, the Gala Design Interior Design & Window Shading experts offer free professional in-home consultation. They have a wide variety of designer Roman shade brands and shade styles for gorgeous custom window treatments.

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