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A Professional Guide to Window Roller Shades—Jacksonville, FL

Florida did not gain the nickname “The Sunshine State” by accident. Jacksonville, Florida, is a popular destination with 224 days of sunshine each year, well above the national average. Many homes and offices in the area have large windows that make the most of the rays, and window roller shades are a convenient means of light control, privacy, and accessible views.


What are Window Roller Shades?

Roller shades are effectively screens that replace curtains. It is a simple, convenient, and economical way to control the light in a room, and there are many lift cord types, including a cordless option that mimics automated blinds.

These shades anchor to the wall above the window on both sides, with various mounting hardware designs. For example, some mounts recess into the wall and emerge from the sides of the window frame. The roller stretches across the length of the window akin to a paper towel tube in a horizontal wall dispenser.

Five Types of Window Roller Shades from Gala Designs

There are many ways to control the height of window roller shades at various times of the day or night. Your choice of control options is likely to depend on your usage pattern and personal preference. Let’s explore the five most common roller shade styles.

1 Manual Cord Roller Shades

The traditional version includes manually operated roller shades where two cords or a continuous cord loop control the roller movement. If there are two cords, pulling on one side raises the shade while the other lowers it. Continuous loops use one mechanism to lower the shades and the other side of the same loop to raise it again.

The manual design has a simple control mechanism with intuitive operation. The simplicity means there are fewer moving parts to break and nothing complicated about securing the shade at whichever height you prefer.

A downside to the manual cord style is that the lead hangs from the roller assembly. Children or pets could accidentally injure themselves or damage the mechanism or shade by pulling down on the cord with enough force. Safety features are essential, including cleats to attach the cords high up on the wall and out of reach.

2 Manual Cordless Roller Shades

In a cordless roller shade, the string hangs from the center. The designer constructs this roller mechanism in cordless lift options so that a gentle downward pull on the shade itself will lower it. A sharp pull on the same string raises the shade until a gentle tug brings it to a stop in the right position.

The cordless control mechanism is less likely to entangle itself in anything, but the raising mechanism is slightly more complex than a simple cord loop. It does wear out more quickly than manual cord shades.

3 Motorized Roller Shades

Customers who are unable to manage a physical control option may prefer the convenience of remote control. A motorized window roller shade is an ideal solution. It can connect to your Wi-fi or home devices, such as Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant, for voice or computer operation.

The ease of operation is great for large windows in offices or homes with high levels of light exposure. However, one disadvantage is that motorized shades and remote-driven units rely on electric power. If your area is prone to power outages, you may have to leave the roller shade in one position until the electricity provider restores the connection.

4 Blackout Roller Shades

Blackout roller shades are ideal for rooms that need to be completely dark, like a nursery. It might be a room used as a workshop for light-sensitive processes or a storage area, and blackout roller shades keep these locations free of light damage. People suffering from migraines and other conditions also benefit from being able to darken bedrooms or other rest areas.

Blackout shades are wider than other shades so that the overlap between the drops and the window frame catches any light streaming through the sides or bottom of the window. Room-darkening window roller shades are available in many colors and styles to complement the room décor in their open or closed position.

5 Fabric Roller Shades

Design is a key element for any setting, and window roller shades come in various colors and fabrics on any control option and level of opacity. The shades will complement other elements of decorative window treatments, such as curtains and valances. A light-filtering roller shade also changes the ambiance of the room by removing or attenuating certain tones.

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