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Custom Panel Track Blinds in Jacksonville, FL

Complete your window dressing projects in one fell swoop thanks to custom panel track blinds! As some forms of old-fashioned window coverings have fallen out of favor, panel track blinds have emerged as a popular choice among new homeowners. The ability to cover large windows and the overall durability of panel track blinds ensure they’ll stay fashionable for years to come.

Benefits of Panel Track Blinds

Panel track blinds offer significant advantages over alternative window coverings. They provide a simple solution for large windows, utilize a wide variety of materials, and prove easy to clean. Panel track window blinds also make a fashion-forward statement for any home or office.

Cover Large Windows

Large windows and sliding glass doors can limit the options when deciding on window coverings. Panel track blinds do a great job of covering large windows and patio doors while maintaining a fashionable aesthetic. When used as sliding glass door blinds, they prove an effective alternative to vertical blinds.

Wide Selection of Materials

Consumers searching for panel track blinds will find options consisting of several different materials, making them suitable for all tastes. Some fabric panels offer luxurious textures, while others feel as smooth as silk. Some of the most popular materials include:

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Bamboo
  • Woven wood
  • Natural grasses
  • Solar cell fabric

Easy To Clean

Panel track blinds demand minimal maintenance and cleaning. Purchasers can clean their blinds by using a basic feather duster or handheld vacuum. Plus, panel track blinds prove easy to remove for cleaning. Owners can also replace individual panels without much difficulty.

Available Features for Panel Track Blinds

Individuals looking for panel track blinds in Jacksonville, FL, will encounter a seemingly endless variety when it comes to colors, styles, and unique features. From solid colors to elaborate designs to custom cornices, homeowners can customize their blinds to fit their personal aesthetic preferences.


Minimalists will revel in the simplicity of monochromatic panel track blinds. Window treatments with solid colors provide the same functionality as more ornate panels without drawing too much attention to themselves.


Homeowners who wish to feature their new panel track blinds will discover a selection of attractive patterns that make use of the entire color wheel. Making blinds a focal point of the room represents a bold move that can pay off by impressing house guests.


Purchasers can select from a range of custom cornices to either blend in or create contrast. Carefully choosing the style and color of a cornice can help coordinate a room’s color palette and provide a decorative accent that many find appealing.

Stack Options

Shoppers looking for the perfect window dressing solution for a tight space can use different stacking options. Gala Designs can install panel track blinds that stack to one side, in the middle, or on both sides, creating a split through which guests can walk.


Open, close, and adjust your blinds at the push of a button. Why get up and manually move your panels when you can install a motorized system to do the work for you? The motorization of your panel track blinds serves as a great party trick or a fancy way to perform a big reveal.

Alternative Ways To Use Panel Track Blinds

Panel track blinds do a lot more than merely cover windows. Creative homeowners have installed these blinds to execute a variety of other functions. From dividing a room to covering a large closet, panel track blinds demonstrate multifunctionality that can help complete several different home improvement projects.

Room Divider

Add privacy to your living space in an instant with panel track blinds! When entertaining guests or having the in-laws over for a visit, homeowners can create an extra bedroom by sliding panels into place.

Closet Doors

Panel track blinds make for stylish closet doors. Easy to install and maintain, these blinds offer a decorative solution in place of standard closet doors. Plus, if homeowners grow tired of their current panels, they can easily swap them out for a whole new look to their closets.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Gala Designs, we receive a lot of questions from our clients regarding panel track blinds. Below are some of the questions we hear the most often.

How Are Motorized Blinds Powered?

Typically, motorized blinds receive power from AA lithium batteries. However, some utilize rechargeable batteries, as well. And, for large panels that require frequent use, a DC power cord can provide a constant power source if conditions allow.

How Long Do the Batteries for Motorized Blinds Last?

In general, users can expect their lithium batteries to last between six months and a year. The time length depends on the size and weight of the panels and the frequency of use.

Do Motorized Blinds Integrate with My Smartphone?

Depending on the brand, some motorized blinds integrate with smartphones and tablets. With this option, homeowners can even let in some light before they arrive at home.