Modify Your Home with Panel Track Blinds

Panel track blinds are the elegant alternative to curtains, shutters, and drapes. They provide a bold contrast for a modern household look or a style that blends into your room’s decor for a more traditional feel.


At Gala Designs, we’ve filled homes with the finest panel track blinds in Jacksonville, FL, for over 20 years. If you’re wondering what panel track blinds are, or which blinds are right for you, keep reading to find out below.

What is a panel track blind?

Panel track blinds are fabric coverings that add a touch of style to any room. These vertical blinds are perfect for any opening in your home since you can customize your own set!

white panel track blinds

You can choose your material, from fabric such as roller or Roman shades to solar material that reduces incoming UV rays. Also popular are organic textures like woven wood, which give a rustic yet sophisticated feel to your home. You can also choose the opacity and design of your blinds to suit the character of any room.

How do you fit panel track blinds?

If you’re installing window treatments in Jacksonville, FL, without a cornice, measure up to four inches from either side of the window frame to place the brackets. These brackets will hold the track. If your set comes with a cornice, use its predrilled holes to screw it and the brackets into the upper part of the window frame.

Next, clip the track into the brackets and begin to attach the panels. Unclip the panel hangers from the track, attach a panel to it, and then replace them on the track. After attaching them from back to front, finish up by attaching the wand to the loop at the end of the track for easy use.

How do panel track blinds work?

Panel track blinds use a pulley motion to open and close the blinds. This large fabric panel rests on a track that moves the blinds to the left or right with a baton or cord control.


When closed, the panels spread along the surface of your windows. When opened, the panels cleanly stack behind one another.

Uses for Panel Track Blinds

Panel tracks are great for letting just the right amount of light in and keeping out prying eyes. However, the best part is that they’re not limited to medium-sized windows.


Any door with a glass touch, including French doors and sliding glass doors, is eligible for panel track blinds in Jacksonville, FL. Customize the size to fit your door and then mount the blinds on the wall or door frame. For larger doorways, consider split draw panels that separate from the middle.

Large Windows

For bigger picture windows, as well as fixed-frame, bow, and bay windows, panel track window coverings are ideal. Mount them to the ceiling above your windows or on the window frame. However, if you don’t want to see the stacked panels, opt for a mounting for the outer side of the window.

Room Divider

Panel track blinds in Jacksonville, FL, also serve as room dividers. When your home or apartment needs an extra wall or door, an opaque set of blinds can unfold to mirror surrounding walls. Thick or sheer shading mounted to the ceiling creates a private room that the pull of a string can reveal.

Closet Doors

For a closet with a grand unveiling feel, swap your bland closet doors for blinds that’ll match your window’s panel track blinds. Whether they’re for bedroom, hallway linen, or storage closets, these lightweight blinds trump heavy and creaky wooden or plastic doors.

Gala Designs

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