The Innovative Power of Custom Zebra Shades for Your Home

custom zebra shades in Jacksonville, FL home

Custom zebra shades are some of the newest and most effective window shades on the market. They are easily adaptable to the needs and layout of your home. If you are looking for a bold and functional statement piece, Zebra Shades are the way to go. 

At Gala Window Treatments, we offer custom zebra shades in Jacksonville, Florida, and the surrounding areas. We cater to your needs, and serving you is our top priority. Read on to learn more and find out whether custom zebra shades are the right option for your home.

What are Zebra Shades?

Zebra shades are a type of blinds made from a singular piece of cloth but can be moved to create “stripes” that filter light into your home. They are customizable, meaning that you can get anything from lighter fabric to heavy fabric, depending on how much sunlight you want in a room. 

Custom zebra shades can be made to fit anything from a bay window to a sliding door. Zebra roller shades combine the elegance of a classic window roller shade with the modernity of light control. 

This aspect is particularly important given the Florida sun. You need to have control over how much sun you let in to save on your energy bill.

How Do Zebra Shades Work?

Custom zebra shades have two types of fabric combined into one blind. The first is a sheer fabric, which will let in light. The second is a plain weave fabric, which can overlap with the sheer fabric and create a solid shade. 

There are three settings for zebra shades: open, closed, or up. This means that you can either use your zebra stripes or roll your window shades up during the day, whatever you prefer!

Benefits of Zebra Shades

Zebra shades are great for privacy! They have a layer of sheer fabric that allows you to see outside, but others cannot peep into your window. Zebra shades for sliding doors also have great benefits because they can block excess heat from coming into your home. 

Zebra shades come in many colors. You can even have a different design than the traditional lateral stripe! You can easily adapt your zebra shades to the decor of your home. You can also get motorized zebra sshades, which are useful if your window is hard to reach!

Zebra Shades vs Cellular Shades: Which is Better?

Zebra Shades vs Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are the classic accordion-like coverings seen in many houses. They offer a “cell” that helps trap the air between the window and shade to provide insulation and reduce energy costs. 

There are a few problems with cellular shades. The first problem is that they do not entirely block light. With custom zebra shades, you can choose a blackout fabric that will allow you to have the benefit of zebra stripes during the day and blackout fabric while you’re sleeping. 

Cellular shades also look tacky and outdated. If you opt for zebra shades, your house can still look modern and minimalistic. You can customize the design to fit your home. No need to be tacky! 

Finally, cellular shades must be rolled up to see outside. This lets in the strong Florida sun, which can discolor your furniture, photographs, upholstery, etc., over time. A Zebra Shade never has to be fully rolled up to let light in, and the sunscreen will block the sunlight from damaging the interior of your home. Overall, zebra shades offer a long list of benefits and are the better option.

Zebra Shades for Sliding Doors

Zebra shades have the great advantage of being customized for your house’s dimensions. That means that you can even fit your sliding doors with one! 

Zebra shades for sliding doors are a great idea because they offer extra privacy. Your pesky neighbors won’t be able to tell if you’re home or not, while you can enjoy beautiful natural light inside. You can also roll them up when necessary, so if you’re walking in and out of the door, you won’t be running into your blinds constantly.

Shutters vs. Zebra Shades

Interior window shutters share some similarities with zebra shades in that they allow more privacy and can help control sunlight seeping in through your windows. However, one of the most significant disadvantages of some shutters is that you can’t raise them to allow the full window to be visible.  Shutters can also break and would be much more difficult and costly to replace than a zebra shade. Zebra shades are definitely the cheaper and more cost-effective option.

Motorized Zebra Shades

One of the beauties of custom zebra shades is that they can also be motorized. So, you can put them on a timer depending on when the sun is at its strongest to ensure that they block out harmful UV rays when necessary. 

The zebra shade cordless option is also great for houses with pets and children. Cords can be a safety hazard, particularly around young children. You won’t have to be concerned about rooms your pets or children mostly inhabit with motorized zebra shades.

White Zebra Shade

Zebra Shades Blackout

Are you concerned that these blinds will be too bright for you as you sleep? There is no need to worry! Zebra shades blackout will solve this problem for you. 

Zebra shades blackout offer the same sheer fabric to block the sun, but the paired plain weave fabric will give you the capacity to blackout your room when the blinds are closed. You can sleep in peace without pesky light filtering in and still enjoy the benefits of the zebra stripes during the day.

Try Zebra Shades Today

Zebra roller shades will be the perfect addition to your home, with energy-saving abilities and sleek designs, as well as compatibility with any interior design. If you are looking for custom zebra shades in Jacksonville, Florida, or the surrounding areas, look no further than Gala Window Treatments! Schedule an appointment today to optimize your home and switch to zebra shades.