Window Treatments in Fernandina Beach, FL
Window Treatments in Fernandina Beach, FL
Window Treatments in Fernandina Beach, FL
Window Treatments in Fernandina Beach, FL

Quality Window Treatments in Fernandina Beach, FL

Ready to update your home with new window treatments? Draperies, zebra shades, and roller shades are just some of the window treatments we offer at Gala Designs to our clients in the Fernandina Beach, Florida area.
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2 Pleat Drape 1

Draperies are the most common type of window treatment that people in Fernandina Beach choose for their windows. The fabric used can be anything from silk to cotton, depending on preference and budget. They come with a cornice or without one, although they look more attractive when coupled with a decorative cornice.

Zebra Shades


Zebra Shades is an external type of window covering that is substantially lowered to the ground. These are usually made from either cloth or vinyl. They are available in various colors and textures. The dimensions of these shades range from 2-6 feet high x 1-4 feet wide.



Shutters might be an excellent option if you desire something different than traditional drapery but don’t want to go all out by having zebra shades installed on your windows either. Shutters have become very popular over the past few years because it helps improve insulation especially during colder seasons of winter while blocking harmful sunlight rays throughout summertime resulting into lower cooling costs.

Shutters are excellent options in Fernandina Beach, for homes, offices, and even businesses because of their durability & long-lasting nature. They can be custom-made to fit almost any type of window opening that one may have in the house or office.

Roller Shades

roller shades

There are several types of roller shades that you might want to consider if you’re planning on investing in a new set of window treatments. Roller blinds offer an easy way to control light, privacy, and view depending on your needs at home or work every day. These kinds of roller shades come with manual cord lifts so there is no need for hard wiring when it comes to the installation process making them very convenient especially during emergency situations like power outages where traditional curtains would not be able to function.

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