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Exterior Shades for Your Home

Outdoor shades are the perfect solution to beating the Florida heat. Whether you like to entertain outside or enjoy time out on the patio, exterior sun shades are an ideal fit. They keep your outdoor space feeling comfortable no matter the temperature, and they offer optimal light control and privacy.

Outdoor window shades are made of quality fabrics that block out 99% of UV rays. This protection will keep you and your guests safe from the harsh sun all year round. There are many different kinds of exterior patio shades to fulfill your unique desires.

Exterior Shades

What Features Are Available With Exterior Shades?

Exterior shades are very customizable. They come with various openness degrees, from 1% to 14%. This range means that you can choose the amount of light you want coming through the shades. A higher percentage of openness means more light will go through, and you can best see the view outside your window. If you choose a less open shade, then you will have a darker space and more privacy.

You should choose your type of shade based on the location of your patio. If it gets a lot of sunlight, then a low openness fabric covering will keep you feeling cool and safe from the heat. If your porch gets just a moderate amount of light, then a darker-colored fabric will give you a better outdoor view. It’s important to note that a shade with a lower degree of openness will better block out the sun’s UV rays.

These custom window treatments come in different colors and styles. Each type of exterior shade creates a lovely, safe environment. Below are a few options for the kind of patio shades available.

Cordless Lift

Many people opt to get a cordless lift for their exterior window shades. It is a convenient and simple way to lift or lower your shades.

Continuous Cord Loop Control

You can still choose to use a cord to control your patio shades. The line will be attached to the wall or window frame for a clean appearance. If your shades will cover a large window, a continuous cord loop may be a better option for you as they offer more support than cordless lifts.

Motorized Lift

You can even upgrade to a motorized lift, which means you can control your shades using a remote control.

Solar Panel Shades

We also offer solar screens, which will reduce the light coming in while retaining your view of the outdoors. These types of exterior shades will save you money on your energy costs. If you love natural light, these are an excellent option.

Why Choose Outdoor Shades for Your Home?

There are many advantages to having outdoor shades installed on your patio windows. Mainly, you’ll get the best use out of your backyard or patio. You can turn your outside area into a pleasant living space. You will be able to host parties more comfortably or enjoy the welcoming outdoor space with your family.

Here are a few of the benefits that exterior window coverings provide.

Stylish Ambience

The variety of colors and fabrics of your exterior shades lets you create the ambiance you want at your home. They form a private environment and a more intimate feel.

UV Protection

The Florida sun can be intense. The sun-blocking fabric of exterior shades will protect you and your family or guests from harmful UV rays. It will also protect your furniture and flooring from sun damage by blocking the light before it enters your home.

Reduced Glare

You won’t have to squint when you spend time outside anymore with sun shades. You’ll also have a more comfortable environment inside, as you will have reduced glare on your TV, phone, or laptop when sitting near the window.


Outdoor shades are made from waterproof and weatherproof fabrics that can withstand harsh weather conditions for many years.

Bug Control

Exterior shades are great for keeping bugs and other pests out. You can relax on your patio without having to worry about mosquitos flying in.


Outdoor window treatments are highly versatile and customizable to meet your needs and desires. For example, you can optimize the amount of light that comes in, or by choosing a mesh fabric, you’ll allow more air passage. If you want better outward visibility, then a darker color fabric would suit you best. Lights colors are ideal for more natural light. You can choose your degree of openness as well to customize your amount of sun protection.

Custom Made Exterior Window Shades in St. Johns, FL

If you are ready to recreate a new outdoor experience at your home, consider installing exterior window shades. For more information on outdoor shades or to schedule a free in-home consultation, call us at (805) 407-6569.