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Custom Draperies and Curtains in Jacksonville, FL

Give your home a mini-makeover with custom draperies and curtains in Jacksonville, FL! Installing new curtains can quickly satisfy a homeowner who has grown bored with the appearance of their home. Changing the look and feel of living spaces with suitable curtains can also provide a fresh perspective because they represent more than just window dressings. They’re an art form!

Custom Draperies

Draperies and Curtains for Every Home

Curtains represent a genuine bargain when it comes to updating the look of a home. Modern window dressings offer living spaces a whole new ambiance, improved privacy, and a chance to display the homeowner’s personal taste.
At Gala Designs, we work closely with our clients to deliver custom-tailored draperies and curtains to suit their preferred aesthetic and provide a window into their personalities.

Types of Curtains

Homeowners may choose from a wide range of curtain styles to give their homes a little extra panache. The right curtains can transform a drab room into a personal sanctuary without breaking the bank. Find some of the most popular curtains and custom draperies in Jacksonville, FL, below.

Single Panel Draperies and Curtains

Single panel curtains and drapes are made of a solitary piece of fabric, providing an ideal solution for small windows and sliding glass doors.

Double Panel Draperies and Curtains

As the name suggests, double panel curtains and drapes consist of two separate pieces of fabric. These types of curtains and drapes deliver a more traditional, finished look to bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains consist of lightweight fabrics designed to protect privacy while allowing plenty of light to filter into a room. Light, transparent, and airy, these curtains can work in tandem with other window dressings to further enhance privacy.

Grommet Curtains

Grommet curtains feature eyelets at the top of each piece of fabric, making it easier to slide them along the rod while manually opening or closing them. The grommet rings also allow for natural folds, adding a more modern feel to the curtains.

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains consist of thick fabric that allows very little light to enter a room. These types of curtains provide maximum privacy and enjoy significant popularity when redesigning bedrooms.

Café Curtains

Café curtains hang slightly above the middle of the windows, allowing light to flood in through the top half while providing some privacy on the bottom half.

Alternative Ways To Utilize Curtains

Draperies and curtains can do a lot more than merely cover windows. There are several clever ways to use curtains and drapes for decorative purposes or to create additional privacy within a room. For example, using short curtains or hanging long curtains a little higher than usual represents a simple way to make a room look bigger than its actual dimensions.
The following creative ways to use curtains to enhance the look and functionality of a home can make a huge overall impact.

Room Division

Make use of longer draperies and curtains as low-cost dividers to separate a shared space rather than spending a ton of money on putting up a new wall. The right curtain can make the two areas look fanciful while providing an extra layer of privacy.
Laundry Room and Storage

Room Concealment

Hanging drapes can conceal unsightly laundry rooms and storage rooms. Installing a curtain to hide the laundry room, cleaning products, or unpleasing hardware and fixtures can give the adjacent room a much tidier appearance.

Bed Canopy

In the bedroom, homeowners can hang curtains to create a canopy around the bed. Curtains with solid, dark colors will block light while sleeping, while sheer curtains can create a soothing bedroom atmosphere.

Closet Covers

Curtains can double as closet doors, adding to the beauty of a room and overcoming the problems associated with corners and curved walls. The fabric door also eliminates the need to open and close closet doors and proves helpful in tight spaces.

Reading Room Space

Hang floor-length curtains near bay windows or cozy corners to create a quiet space for reading away from the hustle and bustle that sporadically envelopes a home.

Fabric Types

When it comes to selecting a fabric for your draperies and curtains, homeowners will encounter many options. Some of the most common materials include:

● Silk
● Linen
● Cotton
● Polyester
● Velvet
● Felt
● Suede
● Acrylic
● Brocade
● Lace
● Voile


How To Select the Right Draperies and Curtains for Your Home

You can try sheer curtains if you like well-lit rooms but want some amount of insulation throughout the day. You could also opt for blackout curtains in your bedrooms to achieve deeper sleep and keep out unwanted heat. Investing in blackout curtains for sun-facing windows and sheer curtains for the others can help keep your home well-lit and considerably cooler.
A good window treatment enhances both the aesthetic and comfort of a room. Gala Designs offers the full range of custom draperies and curtains in Jacksonville, FL, to meet the needs of all our clients.