The Advantages of Custom Drapery for Your Jacksonville Home

Have you been thinking about getting new drapes or window treatments for your home? Have you been frustrated by the lack of options on the market? Have you found just the right window treatment for your oddly-shaped window… except for that one thing you wish you could change about it? Whether it was a pattern, a style, or a size, custom drapery may be the solution to your problem. With custom drapery and window treatments, you can envision, create, and have the window treatment of your dreams. Read on to learn more about why custom drapery is worth every moment of your time and financial investment.

About Window Treatments and Custom Drapery

Window treatments and draperies are one way that homeowners decorate and add function to their home’s windows. Whether you are looking for an option to block out the hot Florida light during the early morning hours or simply to add some flair to a room, window treatments, such as custom drapery, is a timeless option that touches people’s hearts and affects people’s spirits, despite the increasing market of blinds and shades. Custom drapery and window treatments come in a variety of pre-made styles but are also often custom-made to fit the unique needs of windows and homes.

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Advantages of Custom Drapery

Custom drapery is an exciting investment, as you get to choose exactly how you would like the piece to look. Due to the control you have, you will often find that the custom piece created for you is enormously more satisfactory than a pre-made piece that you maybe had to settle on or alter the size of. Some main advantages of custom drapes over premade include the control over the fabric and the style, higher quality, professional installation, and, in particular, the measurements. Let’s look at how each of these benefits might contribute to a great custom window treatment.

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Precise Window Measurements

  • Pre-made drapes are created for standard size windows. Custom drapes are able to fit any window, including oddly-shaped and non-standard windows, as they are cut to your exact measurements.
  • You can choose the hardware placement, as well as the width, length, and rod that you’d like.
  • You can avoid having to alter premade drapes by utilizing custom drapes.


Personalized, Custom Style

  • When we help you create a custom drape, it is a one-of-a-kind piece.
  • You can ensure the fabric and style matches the design of your room and home throughout the ideation and creation process.
  • With custom drapes, there is no need to worry about copycats or seeing your drapes in any of your friends’ homes.


Higher Quality Workmanship

  • At Gala Designs, we use the highest quality materials and manufacturing methods.
  • When you get custom drapes, you know that you are less likely to find errors, as they are made just for you and not by the batch.


You Pick the Fabric and Materials

  • There’s no settling for a misplaced flower or a strange feel of the fabric when you create your own drapes.
  • Each piece from the rod to the hardware to the hooks to the fabric can be your choice.


Professional Installation

  • When you choose custom drapery, professional installation is more often than not a part of the package. Our professionals install custom drapes regularly, meaning they know how to take the special care your treatments need when being installed.
  • You can simply kick back and relax, instead of standing on a chair, drilling holes, and using the level to DIY your drapes.


Get Started With your Custom Drapes

If you’re ready to get started designing the perfect custom window treatments for your Jacksonville home, give us a call today. We’d love to hear your idea for your drapes and how we can help make your vision a reality in your home with one-of-a-kind drapes.