The Most Surprising Blackout Roller Shades Benefits

New homeowners can find it challenging to decide on the perfect window coverings for their houses, particularly when considering nothing more than aesthetic value.

While many people consider visual appeal an essential factor in their interior design decisions, when it comes to window treatments, they may not realize the many surprising benefits of each product.

Let’s look at one of the most beneficial window coverings a person can install in their home: blackout roller shades. In addition to design value and protection against the sweltering Jacksonville, FL, heat, there are surprising blackout roller shades benefits that make them a worthwhile feature to any room or home.

What Are Blackout Roller Shades?

Blackout shades, also called blackout blinds, are vertical drop coverings for windows and glass sliding doors. These shades’ primary purpose is to keep heat and light from entering a home, which they do well because of their thick material and ability to cover an entire window or door.

In addition to their strength in keeping light out, blackout roller shades prove surprisingly practical for offering control of the amount of natural light entering a home. Rather than all or nothing, blackout shades come highly adjustable to allow for incremental increases or decreases of the sunlight coming in.

And as strong as these room-darkening shades are at keeping the outside world from affecting your indoor spaces, they offer even more blackout roller shades benefits than that.

Blackout Roller Shades

Surprising Benefits of Blackout Roller Shades

Energy Efficiency

Beyond just keeping heat from coming in, blackout roller shades excel at keeping cold air out as well.

Because of the thickness of most blackout roller shades, they do an exceptional job of keeping any room temperature air from escaping your living spaces and preventing warm and cold air from replacing it.

Blackout roller shades can help homeowners cut down on the average cost of regulating the temperature in their homes. Without the need to fight against the elements, you can keep your air conditioning and heater off for longer.

Improved Sleep

Keeping the sun out of a home can do more than just cut down on an electricity bill; it can also help you sleep better at night. Light sleepers may find room-darkening shades beneficial.

Sensitive sleepers wake up earlier than intended if bright sunlight interferes with their ability to sleep soundly. Those looking for a good night’s rest can find a helping hand in blackout roller shades.


Even while indoors, homeowners who suffer from allergies struggle in houses with unclean, low-quality window coverings. However, blackout roller shades can be a surprisingly effective way to keep allergies from affecting your home life.

Because of their vertical design, blackout shades make it difficult for dust and other airborne allergens to collect. That means easier breathing and increased comfort without the presence of common allergens.

Aesthetic Versatility

Blackout roller shades come in several diverse colors and styles, making them a potential fit for any home or room.

Furniture & Floor Protection

Though many homeowners do not consider it, ultraviolet rays produced by the sun can cause damage to furniture in a similar way that they can damage our skin.

In a city like Jacksonville, FL, where it can feel like the summer never ends, having a window covering like a blackout roller shades to keep the sunlight out can prevent the color from fading on your furniture and floor.

Blackout Roller Shades in Jacksonville, FL, From Gala Designs

Blackout roller shades benefits can make them a worthwhile addition to any home, and you will find no better place to get blackout roller shades in Jacksonville, FL, than Gala Designs.

The window shading experts at Gala Designs offer premium blackout shades in various colors and styles to fit anywhere in your home, whether you want them for a small window in a home office or a large glass door in your living space.

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